Sunil Pai MD


Dr. Pai is famous for his participation in The Truth About Cancer docu-series. He is an all around bad ass author, rocker, Integrative Medicine Practitioner, supplement developer and researcher. Dr Pai travels the country and even the globe as a presenter and educator. He also runs a full time medical practice in New Mexico. Click here to order An Inflammation Nation or check out his Integrative Medicine Website


Theo hanson


Theo is a force of nature. He has become a passionate voice for better treatment options in the conventional medical space challenging practicing doctors to accept the overwhelming evidence that Food Is Medicine. Theo is always willing to share his personal massive health transformation and the story about why he finally made some significant changes. You can see more about his journey and mission at The Vida Center website. 




Chris is another famous contributor to The Truth About Cancer docu-series. He is a highly sought after speaker and educator. Chris has been tireless in helping to encourage people to embrace a Food is Medicine as a cornerstone of diseases management and prevention. Chris has also recently released an easy to follow but incredibly empowering program called Square One. Check out his website




Maureen is a nationally recognized spa direct, Licensed Massage Therapist, trainer, and the creator of Sound and Gem Therapies. She has also received specialized training n Panchakarma and Ayurveda. Maureen has a long history of work at the Chopra Center and is a certified Ayurvedic Lifestyle Counselor, certified Yoga Instructor, and graduate of the e-Cornell University's Plant Based Nutrition Counseling program. You can see her full bio at the Integrative Medicine Website.

Kimberly hanson


Kimberly is an incredible testimony to courage and instinct despite fear and pressure to accept the radical procedures of conventional medicine. Kim was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 2014. Her journey and story is riveting. She used a Food First approach to her cancer. She declined chemotherapy or radiation or radical mastectomy. She is still cancer free today despite the best efforts of a broken medical system. You can see her interview on The Truth About Cancer HERE.