Attendance is very limited. Tickets are $2,795.00 per person based on Single Occupancy and $4,400.00 for Couples or Two people.  

What is included

Ticket prices include ground travel from San Jose Airport on April 27th, ground travel back to San Jose Airport on May 1st. Ticket prices include all your meals, accommodations and attendance. Ticket prices also include the cost of the Zipline Adventure. 

what is not included

Ticket prices do not include ground transportation to or from the airport on other days. The cost for a one way ride is typically $70 for a car and $130 for a van.

Airfare is not included.There is special pricing through March 20th, 2017.

Any emergency medical costs are also not included. We don't expect that anyone will need any, but is is better to state the policy. 

Flight times

Please ARRIVE no later than 9:15pm on April 27th. You can arrive anytime during the day. Coordinate your travel with staff ( so we can schedule transport.

Plan your DEPARTURE for after 10am on May 1st. We are located an hour and fifteen minutes from the airport and travelers should check in 1.5 hours prior to departure.

 Additional Stay 

Several people will be staying a few extra days. If you are interested in exploring the option, please contact staff by using the form here.


There are no refunds available after March 27th, 2017. Tickets are transferrable. 

 Accommodations and location

Please be sure to review the website in full. There is a lot of information provided.

We are located in Miramar, Costa Rica. This a small town just up the hill from the port town of Puntarenas. The property is private, 67 acres large and will be closed special for this event.

Costa Rica is a lush country with lot's of nature. There are all kinds of wildlife here on the property. There have been lot's of events and no one has been attacked or hurt by any of it, but this is not a resort hotel property. This retreat will be amazing and extra special, in part, because of the location. 

Accommodations are glamorous camping in very large yurt style tents. Bathrooms and Showers are permanent, but not attached to the yurts. There are fans and lights. Each unit includes beds, furniture and decor. You can see images of the accommodations on the website.

The weather is typically very nice this time of year with daytime temperatures in the high 80's fahrenheit and evenings/nights at about 71 degrees. We have lot's of space for daytime hangouts, sessions and eating. So the accommodations are mostly for sleeping and evening socializing.

There are pests like mosquitos and others. However, there is a pretty constant breeze and most people are unaffected by the minimal amount. If you the person that seems to get eaten alive when you are out and about, bring some repellent (choose healthy options). We will make some natural solutions here.

Event itinerary 

There is an event itinerary on the website. It is subject to change, but is a good indicator of the sessions, topics and presenters. 

Additional information will be sent each week as the event approaches. 


Event size

Limited to less than 70

The property has been host to groups of up to 120 for events. However, it is our desire to limit the size of the event to less than 70. We may choose to limit even smaller as we get closer.  

Call (858) 800-4922 (U.S. based number) if you need to speak to someone before purchasing your tickets.