30 day challenge

scale tape meme.jpg
scale tape meme.jpg

30 day challenge

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30 days of dropping some lbs (pounds) and feeling AhhhhMazing!!

Initial 1 on1 via phone/skype

Customized eating plan

Weekly video conference call

Access private Facebook group


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Join a team of people all committed to helping each other set and achieve some new health goals. We are taking 30 days and setting a course for FUN and adventure. Let's eat our way to health, move a little, laugh alot, and know that we have each other. I lost 110 lbs without getting crazy, doing some fad diet, or sweating my fat butt off. I feel sooooo much better. I am excited to introduce you to others who are ready to make changes, feel loved and understood. It CAN be easy with the right help!

Program includes 1 private, initial phone session with Theo Hanson, Weekly live group video call, check ins, and 1 emergency support session.