This is an experiential, life changing and transformational event

This is your chance to connect with and learn from Medical Doctors, Health Luminaries and Culinary Creatives. Imagine sitting down for Beautiful Breakfasts, Luxurious Lunches & Dynamic Dinners with others like you who are looking to upgrade their lives and their health using Delicious Food as Medicine.

This retreat is unique. You will be exposed to an exciting body of evidence. We will discuss and debate the sciences. You will be invited to participate in hands on food experiences. A perfect combination of presentation and participation.  

There will be special sessions designed to be conversations between you and the Presenters. And the social experiences will be evolutionary.

The location is amazing! You will be steeped in nature. Fresh air, vibrant wildlife, and panoramic ocean views. There are hiking trails, running streams, jungles and swinging hammocks. The sunsets are magical. Bring your favorite bathing suit, a pair of flip flops, and a readiness to have an incredible time together!